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Packages that use PartitionAwareOperation
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation 
com.hazelcast.collection This package contains classes related to Collections (IList,ISet etc..)
com.hazelcast.collection.list This package contains IList functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.collection.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Collections.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.operations This package contains the operations on the IAtomicLong.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.operations This package contains the operations on the IAtomicReference.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations This package contains the operations on the ICountDownLatch.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations This package contains the operations on the ILock.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations This package contains the operations on the ISemaphore. Package for map operations. Contains implementation classes for TransactionalMap 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations Contains operations for Hazelcast MultiMap module. 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Multimap.
com.hazelcast.partition.impl Contains the actual implementation of the InternalPartitionService
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations This package contains the IQueue operations
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx This package contains the Transaction behavior for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI. 

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation

Classes in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AbstractMutatingCacheOperation
          Base class for all mutable cache operations.
 class CacheBackupEntryProcessorOperation
          Operation of the Cache Backup Entry Processor.
 class CacheClearBackupOperation
          Backup operation of CacheClearOperation.
 class CacheClearOperation
          Cache Clear will clear all internal cache data without sending any event
 class CacheContainsKeyOperation
          Cache contains key operation, determines if the cache contains an entry for the specified key.
 class CacheEntryProcessorOperation
          Operation of the Cache Entry Processor.
 class CacheGetAllOperation
          Gets all keys from the cache.
 class CacheGetAndRemoveOperation
          Cache GetAndRemove Operation.
 class CacheGetAndReplaceOperation
          Cache GetAndReplace Operation.
 class CacheGetConfigOperation
          Cache GetConfig Operation.
 class CacheGetOperation
          Cache Get Operation.
 class CacheKeyIteratorOperation
          Provides iterator functionality for ICache.
 class CacheLoadAllOperation
          Loads all entries of the keys to partition record store ICacheRecordStore.
 class CachePutAllBackupOperation
          Cache PutAllBackup Operation is the backup operation used by load all operation.
 class CachePutBackupOperation
          Backup operation for the operation of adding cache entries into record stores.
 class CachePutIfAbsentOperation
          Operation implementation for calling ICacheRecordStore.putIfAbsent(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String, int).
 class CachePutOperation
          Operation implementation for com.hazelcast.cache.impl.ICacheRecordStore#put(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String) and com.hazelcast.cache.impl.ICacheRecordStore#getAndPut(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String).
 class CacheRemoveAllBackupOperation
          Backup operation of CacheRemoveAllOperation.
 class CacheRemoveAllOperation
          TODO add a proper JavaDoc
 class CacheRemoveBackupOperation
          Backup operation used by remove operations.
 class CacheRemoveOperation
          Operation implementation for cache remove functionality.
 class CacheReplaceOperation
          Operator implementation for cache replace functionality.
 class CacheSizeOperation
          This operation implementation is for calculating the cluster size of a named cache.

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.collection

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class CollectionAddAllBackupOperation
 class CollectionAddAllOperation
 class CollectionAddBackupOperation
 class CollectionAddOperation
 class CollectionBackupAwareOperation
 class CollectionClearBackupOperation
 class CollectionClearOperation
 class CollectionCompareAndRemoveOperation
 class CollectionContainsOperation
 class CollectionGetAllOperation
 class CollectionIsEmptyOperation
 class CollectionOperation
 class CollectionRemoveBackupOperation
 class CollectionRemoveOperation
 class CollectionSizeOperation
 class CollectionTransactionRollbackOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.collection.list

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection.list that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class ListAddAllOperation
 class ListAddOperation
 class ListGetOperation
 class ListIndexOfOperation
 class ListRemoveOperation
 class ListSetBackupOperation
 class ListSetOperation
 class ListSubOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.collection.txn

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection.txn that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class CollectionPrepareBackupOperation
 class CollectionPrepareOperation
 class CollectionReserveAddOperation
 class CollectionReserveRemoveOperation
 class CollectionRollbackBackupOperation
 class CollectionRollbackOperation
 class CollectionTxnAddBackupOperation
 class CollectionTxnAddOperation
 class CollectionTxnRemoveBackupOperation
 class CollectionTxnRemoveOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AddAndGetOperation
 class AddBackupOperation
 class AtomicLongBackupAwareOperation
 class AtomicLongBaseOperation
 class GetAndAddOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AbstractAlterOperation
 class AlterAndGetOperation
 class AlterOperation
 class ApplyOperation
 class AtomicReferenceBackupAwareOperation
 class AtomicReferenceBaseOperation
 class CompareAndSetOperation
 class GetAndAlterOperation
 class GetAndSetOperation
 class IsNullOperation
 class SetAndGetOperation
 class SetBackupOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AwaitOperation
 class CountDownLatchBackupOperation
 class CountDownOperation
 class GetCountOperation
 class SetCountOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AwaitBackupOperation
 class BeforeAwaitBackupOperation
 class BeforeAwaitOperation
 class GetLockCountOperation
 class GetRemainingLeaseTimeOperation
 class IsLockedOperation
 class LocalLockCleanupOperation
 class LockBackupOperation
 class LockOperation
 class SignalBackupOperation
 class SignalOperation
 class UnlockBackupOperation
 class UnlockIfLeaseExpiredOperation
 class UnlockOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AcquireBackupOperation
 class AcquireOperation
 class AvailableOperation
 class DeadMemberBackupOperation
 class InitBackupOperation
 class InitOperation
 class ReduceBackupOperation
 class ReduceOperation
 class ReleaseBackupOperation
 class ReleaseOperation
 class SemaphoreBackupAwareOperation
 class SemaphoreBackupOperation
 class SemaphoreDeadMemberOperation
 class SemaphoreOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in

Classes in that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AddIndexOperation
 class BasePutOperation
 class BaseRemoveOperation
 class ClearExpiredOperation
          Clear expired records.
 class ContainsKeyOperation
 class ContainsValueOperation
 class DeleteOperation
 class EntryBackupOperation
 class EntryOperation
          GOTCHA : This operation LOADS missing keys from map-store, in contrast with PartitionWideEntryOperation.
 class EvictAllBackupOperation
          Operation which evicts all keys except locked ones.
 class EvictAllOperation
          Operation which evicts all keys except locked ones.
 class EvictOperation
 class GetEntryViewOperation
 class GetOperation
 class KeyBasedMapOperation
 class LoadAllOperation
          Triggers map store load of all given keys.
 class LockAwareOperation
 class MapEntrySetOperation
 class MapFlushOperation
 class MapIsEmptyOperation
 class MapKeySetOperation
 class MapSizeOperation
 class MapValuesOperation
 class MergeOperation
 class MultipleEntryBackupOperation
 class MultipleEntryOperation
 class PartitionCheckIfLoadedOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryBackupOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryOperation
          GOTCHA : This operation does NOT load missing keys from map-store for now.
 class PartitionWideEntryWithPredicateBackupOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryWithPredicateOperation
 class PutAllBackupOperation
 class PutAllOperation
 class PutFromLoadAllBackupOperation
          Runs on backups.
 class PutFromLoadAllOperation
          Puts records to map which are loaded from map store by IMap.loadAll(boolean)
 class PutIfAbsentOperation
 class PutTransientOperation
 class QueryPartitionOperation
 class RemoveIfSameOperation
 class ReplaceIfSameOperation
 class ReplaceOperation
 class SetOperation
 class TryPutOperation
 class TryRemoveOperation
 class WanOriginatedDeleteOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in

Classes in that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class TxnDeleteOperation
          Transactional delete operation
 class TxnSetOperation
          An operation to unlock and set (key,value) on the partition .
 class TxnUnlockBackupOperation
          An operation to unlock key on the backup owner.
 class TxnUnlockOperation
          An operation to unlock key on the partition owner.

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class ContainsEntryOperation
 class CountOperation
 class EntrySetOperation
 class GetAllOperation
 class KeySetOperation
 class MultiMapBackupAwareOperation
 class MultiMapKeyBasedOperation
 class MultiMapOperation
 class PutBackupOperation
 class PutOperation
 class RemoveAllBackupOperation
 class RemoveAllOperation
 class ValuesOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class TxnCommitBackupOperation
 class TxnCommitOperation
 class TxnGenerateRecordIdOperation
 class TxnLockAndGetOperation
 class TxnPutBackupOperation
 class TxnPutOperation
 class TxnRemoveAllBackupOperation
 class TxnRemoveAllOperation
 class TxnRemoveBackupOperation
 class TxnRemoveOperation

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.partition.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.partition.impl that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class BaseMigrationOperation
 class CheckReplicaVersion
 class IsReplicaVersionSync
          Queries if replica version is sync between partitions.
 class MigrationOperation
 class MigrationRequestOperation
 class ReplicaSyncRequest
 class ReplicaSyncResponse
 class ReplicaSyncRetryResponse

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class AddAllBackupOperation
          Provides backup functionality for AddAllOperation
 class AddAllOperation
          Add collection items to the Queue.
 class CheckAndEvictOperation
          Provides eviction functionality for Operations of Queue.
 class ClearBackupOperation
          Store items' id as set when ClearOperation run.
 class ClearOperation
          Clears items stored by Queue.
 class CompareAndRemoveBackupOperation
          This class triggers backup method for items' id.
 class CompareAndRemoveOperation
          This class triggers iterator and if find same item in the Queue, remove this item.
 class ContainsOperation
          Checks whether contain or not item in the Queue.
 class DrainBackupOperation
          This class stores items' id when DrainOperation run.
 class DrainOperation
          This class drain items according to drain condition.
 class IsEmptyOperation
          check if queue is empty
 class IteratorOperation
          Provides iterator functionality for Queue.
 class OfferBackupOperation
          Backup items during offer operation.
 class OfferOperation
          Contains offer operation for the Queue.
 class PeekOperation
          Peek operation for Queue.
 class PollBackupOperation
          Backup items during pool operation.
 class PollOperation
          Pool operation for Queue.
 class QueueBackupAwareOperation
          This abstract class contains important methods for all Queue operations.
 class QueueOperation
          This class contains methods for Queue operations such as AddAllOperation.
 class RemainingCapacityOperation
          Returns the remaining capacity of the queue based on config max-size
 class RemoveBackupOperation
          Remove backup of the Queue item.
 class RemoveOperation
          Remove operation for the Queue.
 class SizeOperation
          Notify size of the queue.

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx that implement PartitionAwareOperation
 class QueueTransactionRollbackOperation
          Transaction Rollback Operation for the Queue.
 class TxnOfferBackupOperation
          Provides backup operation during transactional offer operation.
 class TxnOfferOperation
          Offer operation for the Transactional Queue.
 class TxnPeekOperation
          Peek operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnPollBackupOperation
          Provides backup operation during transactional poll operation.
 class TxnPollOperation
          Poll operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnPrepareBackupOperation
          Provides backup operation during transactional prepare operation.
 class TxnPrepareOperation
          Prepare operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnReserveOfferBackupOperation
          Reserve offer backup operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnReserveOfferOperation
          Reserve offer operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnReservePollBackupOperation
          Reserve poll backup operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnReservePollOperation
          Reserve poll operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnRollbackBackupOperation
          Provides backup operation during transactional rollback operation.
 class TxnRollbackOperation
          Rollback operation for the transactional queue.

Uses of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.spi

Subinterfaces of PartitionAwareOperation in com.hazelcast.spi
 interface BackupAwareOperation
          A BackupAwareOperation is an Operation to indicate then when a change is made, a BackupOperation is created to replicate the backup.
 interface BackupOperation
          When an BackupAwareOperation makes a change, the backups need to be replicated to other members (depending on the configuration and if change really happened).

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