Uses of Interface

Packages that use FunctionEx
Serializable and exception-declaring variants of functional interfaces from java.util.function.
Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computation engine running on top of Hazelcast IMDG technology.
Contains AggregateOperation and its several variants, as well as a builder object for the aggregate operations.
Contains source/sink connectors that deal with Change Data Capture (CDC) events from various databases as well as a generic connector for Debezium CDC sources.
Jet's Core API.
Contains static utility classes with factories of Jet processors.
Contains sources and sinks for Elasticsearch 7
Contributes gRPC service factories that can be to apply transformations to a pipeline which for each input item calls to a gRPC service.
Apache Hadoop read/write support for Hazelcast Jet.
Apache Kafka reader/writer support for Hazelcast Jet.
Contains a generic Kafka Connect source provides ability to plug any Kafka Connect source for data ingestion to Jet pipelines.
Amazon Kinesis Data Streams producer/consumer support for Hazelcast Jet.
Contains sources and sinks for MongoDB.
The Pipeline API is Jet's high-level API to build and execute distributed computation jobs.
This package contains various mock sources to help with pipeline testing and development.
Contributes a PythonTransforms.mapUsingPython(com.hazelcast.jet.python.PythonServiceConfig) transform that allows you to transform Jet pipeline data using a Python function.
AWS S3 read/write support for Hazelcast Jet.