Document Revision History

Chapter Section Description
Chapter 1 - Preface Added as a new chapter as the front matter of this manual.
Chapter 3 - Hazelcast Clusters Added as a new chapter to explain the Hazelcast clusters and their features.
Chapter 5 - Distributed Data Structures Map Persistence Thread information related to MapLoader interface added as a note.
Eviction New max-size policies FREE_HEAP_SIZE and FREE_HEAP_PERCENTAGE descriptions added.
Bounded Queue Whole section modified for a more cleaner description.
Queue Configuration Added as a new section to explain the important elements to configure a distributed queue.
Chapter 11 - Hazelcast JCache Improved the whole chapter by adding an overview to JCache, an extensive description of the JCache API and Hazelcast's JCache extension, namely ICache.
JCache Eviction Added as a new section.
Chapter 12 - Integrated Clustering Jetty Based Web Session Replication Added as a new section to explain replicating sessions for Jetty based web applications.
Hibernate Second Level Cache Added the last paragraph to the section HazelcastLocalCacheRegionFactory. This paragraph describes eviction support when Hazelcast is configured for Hibernate using local cache region factory.
Chapter 13 - Storage High-Density Memory Store Added as a new section.
Chapter 14 - Clients Java Client Added information related to load balancer configuration.
Chapter 18 - Performance Back Pressure Added as a new section.
Chapter 20 - Hazelcast Configuration Composing XML Configuration Added as a new section that explains how to compose a Hazelcast XML Configuration file from multiple XML configuration snippets.
The whole (formerly known as the Configuration chapter) chapter redesigned to include all the Hazelcast configuration elements and attributes.
Chapter 22 - FAQ Updated with new questions related to socket communications, the OOM exception "unable to create new native thread", and virtualization to be used on AWS.
Chapter 23 - Glossary Added as a new chapter.