This section lists the enhancements performed for Hazelcast 3.4 release.

  • Event packets sent to the client do not have "partitionId" [#4071].
  • Spring Configuration for ReplicatedMap is Missing [#3966].
  • NodeMulticastListener floods log file with INFO-level messages when debug is enabled [#3787].
  • A Hazelcast client should not be a HazelcastInstance. It should be a "factory" and this factory should be able to shut down Hazelcast clients. [#3781].
  • InvalidateSessionAttributesEntryProcessor could avoid creating strings at every call to process [#3767].
  • The timeout for SocketConnector cannot be configured [#3613].
  • The method MultiMap.get() returns collection, but this method should return the correct collection type (Set or List) [#3214].
  • HazelcastConnection is not aligned with HazecastInstance [#2997].
  • Support for Log4j 2.x has been implemented [#2345].
  • Management Center console behaviour on node shutdown [#2215].
  • When queue-store is not enabled, QueueStoreFactory should not be instantiated [#1906].
  • Management Center should be able to say when cluster is safe and all backups are up to date [#963].