Cluster Member Security

Hazelcast supports standard Java Security (JAAS) based authentication between cluster members. To implement it, you configure one or more LoginModules and an instance of Although Hazelcast has default implementations using cluster group and group-password and UsernamePasswordCredentials on authentication, it is recommended that you implement the LoginModules and an instance of according to your specific needs and environment.

<security enabled="true">
      <property name="property1">value1</property>
      <property name="property2">value2</property>
    <login-module usage="required"
        <property name="property3">value3</property>
    <login-module usage="sufficient"
        <property name="property4">value4</property>
    <login-module usage="optional"
        <property name="property5">value5</property>

You can define as many asLoginModules you wanted in configuration. They are executed in the given order. The usage attribute has 4 values: 'required', 'requisite', 'sufficient' and 'optional' as defined in

 * ICredentialsFactory is used to create Credentials objects to be used
 * during node authentication before connection accepted by master node.
public interface ICredentialsFactory {

  void configure( GroupConfig groupConfig, Properties properties );

  Credentials newCredentials();

  void destroy();

Properties defined in configuration are passed to the ICredentialsFactory.configure() method as java.util.Properties and to the LoginModule.initialize() method as java.util.Map.