Setting Up For Amazon EC2

Having installed the Simulator, this section describes how to prepare the Simulator for testing a Hazelcast cluster deployed at Amazon EC2.

To do this, copy the file SIMULATOR_HOME/conf/ to your working folder and edit this file. You should set the values for the following parameters that are included in this file.

  • CLOUD_PROVIDER: Maven artifact ID of the cloud provider. In this case it is aws-ec2 for Amazon EC2. Please refer to the Simulator.Properties File Description section for a full list of cloud providers.
  • CLOUD_IDENTITY: The path to the file that contains your EC2 access key.
  • CLOUD_CREDENTIAL: The path to the file that contains your EC2 secret key.
  • MACHINE_SPEC: The parameter by which you can specify the EC2 instance type, operating system of the instance, EC2 region, etc.

The following is an example of a file with the parameters explained above. For this example, you should have created the files ~/ec2.identity and ~/ec2.credential that contain your EC2 access key and secret key, respectively.


image NOTE: Creating these files in your working folder instead of just setting the access and secret keys in the file is for security reasons. It is too easy to share your credentials with the outside world; now you can safely add the file in your source repository or share it with other people.

image NOTE: For the full description of the file, please refer to the Simulator.Properties File Description section.