Retrieving an ICache Instance

Besides Scopes and Namespaces, which are implemented using the URI feature of the specification, all other extended operations are required to retrieve the com.hazelcast.cache.ICache interface instance from the JCache javax.cache.Cache instance. For Hazelcast, both interfaces are implemented on the same object instance. It is recommended that you stay with the specification way to retrieve the ICache version, since ICache might be subject to change without notification.

To retrieve or unwrap the ICache instance, you can execute the following code snippet:

CachingProvider cachingProvider = Caching.getCachingProvider();
CacheManager cacheManager = cachingProvider.getCacheManager();
Cache<Object, Object> cache = cacheManager.getCache( ... );

ICache<Object, Object> unwrappedCache = cache.unwrap( ICache.class );

After unwrapping the Cache instance into an ICache instance, you have access to all of the following operations, e.g. Async Operations and Additional Methods.