Setting Up For Google Compute Engine

To prepare the Simulator for testing a Hazelcast cluster deployed at Google Compute Engine (GCE), first you need an e-mail address to be used as a GCE service account. You can obtain this e-mail address in the Admin GUI console of GCE. In this console, select Credentials in the menu API & Auth. Then, click the Create New Client ID button and select Service Account. Usually, this e-mail address is in this form: <your account ID>

Save the p12 keystore file that you obtained while creating your Service Account (you will refer to that path). In the bin folder of the Hazelcast Simulator package that you downloaded, edit the script to specify the following parameters:

  • GCE_id: Your developer e-mail address that you obtained in the Admin GUI console of GCE.
  • p12File: The path to your p12 file you saved while you were obtaining your developer e-mail address.

After you run the edited script, the file that you need for a proper testing of your instances on GCE is created in the conf folder of Hazelcast Simulator.