If your code modifies the data, then you should also provide a processor for backup entries. This is required to prevent the primary map entries from having different values than the backups because it causes the entry processor to be applied both on the primary and backup entries.

public interface EntryBackupProcessor<K, V> extends Serializable {
    void processBackup( Map.Entry<K, V> entry );

image NOTE: It is possible that an Entry Processor could see that a key exists though its backup processor may not find it at the run time due to an unsent backup of a previous operation, e.g., a previous put operation. In those situations, Hazelcast internally/eventually will synchronize those owner and backup partitions so you will not lose any data. When coding an EntryBackupProcessor, you should take that case into account, otherwise NullPointerException can be seen since Map.Entry.getValue() may return null.