Adding Batched Items

In the previous examples, the method ringBuffer.add() is used to add an item to the Ringbuffer. The problems with this method are that it always overwrites and that it does not support batching. Batching can have a huge impact on the performance. You can use the method addAllAsync to support batching.

Please see the following example code.

List<String> items = Arrays.asList("1","2","3");
ICompletableFuture<Long> f = rb.addAllAsync(items, OverflowPolicy.OVERWRITE);

In the above case, three strings are added to the Ringbuffer using the policy OverflowPolicy.OVERWRITE. Please see the Overflow Policy section for more information.

Reading Batched Items

In the previous example, the readOne method read items from the Ringbuffer. readOne is simple but not very efficient for the following reasons:

  • readOne does not use batching.
  • readOne cannot filter items at the source; the items need to be retrieved before being filtered.

The method readManyAsync can read a batch of items and can filter items at the source.

Please see the following example code.

ICompletableFuture<ReadResultSet<E>> readManyAsync(
   long startSequence, 
   int minCount,                                              
   int maxCount, 
   IFunction<E, Boolean> filter);

The meanings of the readManyAsync arguments are given below.

  • startSequence: Sequence of the first item to read.
  • minCount: Minimum number of items to read. If you do not want to block, set it to 0. If you want to block for at least one item, set it to 1.
  • maxCount: Maximum number of the items to retrieve. Its value cannot exceed 1000.
  • filter: A function that accepts an item and checks if it should be returned. If no filtering should be applied, set it to null.

A full example is given below.

long sequence = rb.headSequence();
for(;;) {
    ICompletableFuture<ReadResultSet<String>> f = rb.readManyAsync(sequence, 1, 10, null);
    ReadResultSet<String> rs = f.get();
    for (String s : rs) {

Please take a careful look at how your sequence is being incremented. You cannot always rely on the number of items being returned if the items are filtered out.