This chapter lists the changes made to this document from the previous release.

imageNOTE: Please refer to the Release Notes for the new features, enhancements and fixes performed for each Hazelcast IMDG release.

Chapter/Section Description
Phone Home Added information related to the new environment variable HZ_PHONE_HOME_ENABLED for disabling phone homes.
Consistency and Replication Model Added as a new chapter to explain the full picture of Hazelcast's consistency model.
Configuration Pattern Matcher Added as a new section.
Dynamically Adding Configuration on a Cluster Added as a new section.
User Code Deployment Added "Example for Member Filtering Members" as a new section to explain how to use the provider-filter element.
Client User Code Deployment Added as a new section.
Failure Detector Configuration Added as a new section to explain Hazelcast's Deadline and Phi Accrual failure detectors.
Lock Added "Lock vs. IMap.lock" as a new section.
Event Journal Added as a new section to explain the event journal distributed data structure that stores the history of mutation actions on the data structures such as map or cache.
Entry Processor Added the new section "Entry Processor Optimization" explaining Offloadable and Readonly entry processors.
Scoping to Join Clusters Enhanced the content to explain and give examples about the Hazelcast instance creations during cache manager starts (Hazelcast JCache).
Enabling Client TLS/SSL Added information related to mutual authentication.
Async Start and Reconnect Modes and Configuring Client Connection Strategy Added as new sections. Also added "Setting Outbound Ports" as a new section under Client Network Configuration.
SSL Added the new sections "Authenticating Mutually" and "TLS/SSL Debugging".
Integrating with Spring Added Defining Timeouts for Cache Read Operation as a new section.
Management Center Content has been separated from Hazelcast IMDG Reference Manual. Please see here.
Validating Secrets Using Strength Policy Added as a new section.
Promoting Lite Members to Data Member Added as a new section.
Using the Script Added the explanation for the new cluster state NO_MIGRATION.
Using REST API for Cluster Management Added information on the curl commands for cluster version management.
Defining Member Attributes Added information related to member filtering for distributed class loading (user code deployment)
Diagnostics Added explanations for two new diagnostic plugins: OperationsHeartbeat and MemberHeartbeat.
Native Client Security Added description for the Cache Permissions.
Near Cache Added "Locally Initiated Changes" as a new section.
Added the description for the newly introduced serialize-keys configuration element.
Defining WAN replication using Discovery SPI Added the new section to explain how to use WAN with endpoints on various cloud infrastructures (such as Amazon EC2) where the IP addresses are not known in advance.
WAN Replication Failure Detection and Recovery Added as a new section.
System Properties Added definitions for the following new properties:
- hazelcast.partition.migration.fragments.enabled
- hazelcast.diagnostics.max.rolled.file.size.mb
- hazelcast.diagnostics.max.rolled.file.count
- hazelcast.diagnostics.operation-heartbeat.seconds
- hazelcast.diagnostics.operation-heartbeat.max-deviation-percentage
- hazelcast.diagnostics.member-heartbeat.seconds
- hazelcast.diagnostics.member-heartbeat.max-deviation-percentage
- hazelcast.legacy.memberlist.format.enabled
- hazelcast.mastership.claim.timeout.seconds
- hazelcast.heartbeat.failuredetector.type
- hazelcast.heartbeat.phiaccrual.failuredetector.threshold
- hazelcast.heartbeat.phiaccrual.failuredetector.sample.size
System Properties - Client Added client statistics related system properties definitions.