The javax.cache.configuration.Factory implementations configure features like CacheEntryListener, ExpirePolicy, and CacheLoaders or CacheWriters. These factory implementations are required to distribute the different features to members in a cluster environment like Hazelcast. Therefore, these factory implementations have to be serializable.

Factory implementations are easy to do, as they follow the default Provider- or Factory-Pattern. The sample class UserCacheEntryListenerFactory shown below implements a custom JCache Factory.

public class UserCacheEntryListenerFactory
    implements Factory<CacheEntryListener<Integer, User>> {

  public CacheEntryListener<Integer, User> create() {
    // Just create a new listener instance
    return new UserCacheEntryListener();

To simplify the process for the users, JCache API offers a set of helper methods collected in javax.cache. configuration.FactoryBuilder. In the above configuration example, FactoryBuilder::factoryOf creates a singleton factory for the given instance.