Below table shows the conventions used in this manual.

Convention Description
bold font - Indicates part of a sentence that requires the reader's specific attention.
- Also indicates property/parameter values.
italic font - When italicized words are enclosed with "<" and ">", it indicates a variable in the command or code syntax that you must replace (for example, hazelcast-<version>.jar).
- Note and Related Information texts are in italics.
monospace Indicates files, folders, class and library names, code snippets, and inline code words in a sentence.
RELATED INFORMATION Indicates a resource that is relevant to the topic, usually with a link or cross-reference.
image NOTE Indicates information that is of special interest or importance, for example an additional action required only in certain circumstances.
element & attribute Mostly used in the context of declarative configuration that you perform using Hazelcast XML file. Element refers to an XML tag used to configure a Hazelcast feature. Attribute is a parameter owned by an element, contributing into the declaration of that element's configuration. Please see the following example.

<port port-count="100">5701</port>

In this example, port-count is an attribute of the port element.