When you download and extract the Hazelcast ZIP or TAR.GZ package, you will see three scripts under the /bin folder that provide basic functionalities for member and cluster management.

The following are the names and descriptions of each script:

  • start.sh / start.bat: Starts a Hazelcast member with default configuration in the working directory*.
  • stop.sh / stop.bat: Stops the Hazelcast member that was started in the current working directory.
  • cluster.sh: Provides basic functionalities for cluster management, such as getting and changing the cluster state, shutting down the cluster or forcing the cluster to clean its persisted data and make a fresh start.

image NOTE: start.sh / start.bat scripts lets you start one Hazelcast instance per folder. To start a new instance, please unzip Hazelcast ZIP or TAR.GZ package in a new folder.

Please refer to the Using the Script cluster.sh section to learn the usage of this script.