You can configure the client's starting mode as async or sync using the configuration element async-start. When it is set to true (async), Hazelcast will create the client without waiting a connection to the cluster. In this case, the client instance throws an exception until it connects to the cluster. If it is false, the client will not be created until the cluster is ready to use clients and a connection with the cluster is established. Its default value is false (sync).

You can also configure how the client will reconnect to the cluster after a disconnection. This is configured using the configuration element reconnect-mode; it has three options (OFF, ON or ASYNC). The option OFF disables the reconnection. ON enables reconnection in a blocking manner where all the waiting invocations will be blocked until a cluster connection is established or failed. The option ASYNC enables reconnection in a non-blocking manner where all the waiting invocations will receive a HazelcastClientOfflineException. Its default value is ON.

The example declarative and programmatic configurations below show how to configure a Java client's starting and reconnecting modes.


  <client-connection-strategy async-start="true" reconnect-mode="ASYNC" />


ClientConfig clientConfig = new ClientConfig();